Drain, Pit & Conduit Cleaning Down Under Excavations utilise specialised high pressure water blasters in conjunction with our Hydro Excavation machines to provide our clients with a complete cleaning and waste removal solution!

So as to clean dirty or blocked conduits, our water ´Jet Rodders´ push through the blockages and are able to pull back any waste material that may be blocking it, while our water blasting heads can break up and blow away any pit residue from inside the pits. All of the waste is then removed using our wet dry vacuum trucks.

We can supply clients with any of the following;

  • High pressure water Jet Rodders
  • Pit and conduit cleaning with hydro vac for waste removal
  • Electric eel and water pressurized Jet Rodding
  • Communications, electrical etc. pit cleaning
  • Communications, electrical etc. conduit cleaning
  • Hydro vacuum waste removal
  • Water pressurized cleaning
  • High pressure water blasting